Budha Graha Japam

Purpose & Advantage:

  • To remove any obstacle coming in your way.
  • To make a favourable situations positions.
  • To obtain sidhi
  • For overall materialistic and spritual development
  • To minimize the malefic effect of afflicted mercury
  • For excellent results and higher education of students
  • To accelerate business and bring prosperity

What we Do:

We provide a facility of Book the Priest / Pandits to do Budha Graha Japam at your desired place (Home, temple, etc.,) at right time (We will fix the date & time according to your nakshatra on an auspicious day).

If you are not able to attend the Japa karyakramam, we will perform the Japam on behalf of you and we will send you the prasad to your mentioned address.


We perform Budha Graha Japam of Lord Budha in a temple or within your home. Japam will starts with Swansti mantra and Ganapati pooja. Then Navagraha Mandapa aaradhana & Budha yantra pooja. Then after Deeksha dharana, Rutvik Varanam will done.

According to the time, Budha Japam will starts with 1/3/5 priests and  can complete one day/multiple days. Priests will chant Budha Graha moola mantra 17000 times and they leave the Japa arghyam on the Budha Yantra. Then Dasamsa Tarpanam will complete by poring Milk+Tila+Water on the Yantra by resiting Mantras for the divine grace of Budha Graha. At the last day of japam, Budha Graha Havan will be done. Budha Gayathri mantra & Budha graha moola mantras will chant 108 times of Lord Budha while doing the Hamam with Havissu(Rice mixed with Ghee & Pepper) and Navadhanya after the mantra along with Swaha. Finally Poornahuti will done by saying thanks and Giving beloved things to Agni Deva. Budha Graha dosha nivaranardham Pesalu (Gree gram)dhaanya Daanam will be done.

At last Lord Budha & Agni Deva Prasadam(Fruits & Bhasmam) and Budha graha Japa Teerdham will be given by the Priests.

Priyanga gukalikashayam rupenpratimam buddham !
Saumyam saumyagunopetam tam buddham pranmamyaham !!

 – Budha Graha Maha Mantra

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