Durga mata Abhishekam

Durga mata Abhishekam Benefits:

  • To remove sins and bad karmas inherited from parents, grand-parents.
  • To remove all bad karmas of past lives.
  • For protection and relief from diseases .
  • To health, wealth and prosperity .
  • For self confidence and courage .
  • For blessing of Maa Durga and for spiritual upliftment.

What we do:

We provide a facility to Book Pandit for Durga mata Abhishekam​ at your place (home, office, temple etc.). We will send you our proficient Vedic Purohits / Pandits trained in hindu vedic paatasala to conduct the pooja along with Abhisheka Pooja samagri.

Usually Pandit Services will fix the auspicious date & time to conduct Pooja according to the devotees birth details or Nakshatra. Our proficient Vedic Pandits will guide the rules to complete your Pooja with full of soucham (full of purity and conscientiously).

If you are not able to attend the Durga mata Abhishekam​​ Pooja​, we will perform the abhishekam on behalf of you and we will send you the Prasad to your mentioned address.

Durga mata Abhishekam Procedure:

We perform Durga mata Abhishekam of lord Kanaka Durga in the temple or within your home. Sree Suktam & Durga Suktam are chanted along with 108 names of Lord Durga mata while pouring the with milk, yogurt, butter etc, then after the murthy is decorated with the flowers & Kumkum etc., and many more slokas & stotras will recite for Lord Durga mata. Kumkuma pooja & Lalitha Sahasranama Archana will also perform in the part of Durga mata Abhishekam.


Sarva Manggala Maanggalye Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike |
Sharannye Tryambake Gowri Naaraayanni Namostu Te ||

- Durga Mata Prarthana

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