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We provide a facility of Book Pandit for Dussehra festival Puja at your place (On an auspicious day of Vijayadashami). We also provide Pooja Samagri Durga Puja on Dussehra.

Our Pandit will guide the rules of Durga Puja and make to complete your Pooja with full of shaucha(Full of purity and conscientiously).  


Important poojas on Dussehra Festival:

Dussehra festival(Dasara) is also known as Vijayadashami. This is the one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated in a variety of ways in India. Dussehra word is derived from Sanskrit word  Dasha-Hara is a form of Dashanan ravan. The Dussehra festival first nine days are called as Navratri. Navratri means Nine Nights then the the tenth day is celebrated as Dussehra.

In general according to the Hindu calendar, the Vijayadashami festival is celebrated on the tenth day of darker fortnight the month of Ashwin. Usually this festival occurs in September month or October month of the Gregorian calendar. Dussehra Festival 2016, Durga Pooja Celebration starts from October 1st 2016 to October 11th 2016.

The main reason to celebrate Dasara festival is the victory of Lord Rama over Demon Dashanan Ravana. This day is marks the triumph of Goddess Durga over the buffalo Demon Mahishasura.

Like other festivals Dussehra is an auspicious day to begin formal education. Some people perform Saraswati Puja to their childer on this day. Factory owners and propriotors and other people perform Ayudha Puja. This pooja is also known as Astra Puja. The main importance of this Ayudha Puja is worshipping the each and every implement that we use, whether it is in factory, industry, agriculture, office or anything else. 

Shami Puja is one of the important rituals which are performed on Vijayadashami day. Shami Puja is also known as Banni Puja and Jammi Puja in some of the southern states in India.

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