Karthika Masam Pooja

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We provide Vedic Pandit for Kartik Month Pujas like Rudrabhishekam, Rudra Havan, Lingarchana, Kedareswara Vratas etc. We also provide pooja samagri as per your puja on this auspicious month of Kartik Month.

Our proficient vedic Pandit will guide the rules of pujas and makes to complete your puja with full of shaucha (Full of purity and conscientiously). 


Karthika Masam or month is one of the most auspicious month in a lunar calendar. In 2016 begins on October 31st and ends on November 29th. Kartik Month is auspicious to both the devotees of Lord Shiva as well as Lord Vishnu. During Karthika Masam the devotees thronging in the temples of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Karthika Masam helps us to understand that Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are not different. The Important Rituals of Karthika Masam or Karthika Month are...  RudrabhishekamRudra Havan, Lingarchana, Kedareswara Vratas, Lighting of Diya or Lighting a Lamp. Main Deity in the Kaarthika Masam is certainly SIVA, VISHNU and TULASI. He who performs daily SIVA POOJA, Rudra Abhishekam will reach ZENITH point in life and after life also he will attain SLAVATION according to SIVAPURANA verses..

Karthika Masam or Kartik Month is the most auspicious month amongst all 12 Hindu months. According to Hindus, pujas, rituals, other auspicious and prosperous celebrations during Kartik Month give them great pleasure and happiness in life because this is the most favorite month for both of the Supreme Gods Lord Vishnu and Shiva. They believe that praying to Lord during Kartik maas fetches them Moksha (salvation).

Mrutyunjayaaya Rudraaya
Neelakantaaya Shambhave
Amriteshaaya Sarvaaya
Mahadevaaya Te Namaha

 – Shiva  Prarthana

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