Maha Mrityunjaya Havan

Purpose & Advantage:

  • For divine grace and blessings of Lord Maha mrityunjaya (Lord Shiva)
  • For removal of malefic effects of all planets.
  • For relief and protection against disease, ailments and accidents.
  • For relief from misfortunes, miseries, troubles and fears.
  • To avoid untimely death as per ancient vedic texts.

What we Do:

We provide a facility of Book the Priest / Pandits to conduct the Mrityunjaya homam at your place (Home, office, temple, etc.,) at right time (We will fix the date & time according to your nakshatra on an auspicious day).

If you are not able to attend the homa karyakramam, we will perform the homam on behalf of you and we will send you the prasad to your mentioned address.


We perform Mrityunjaya Homam of Lord Mrityunjaya (Shiva) in the temple or within your home. Sri rudra namakam, Mrityunjaya moola mantram are recited during the homam by the priest. And many more slokas & stotras will recite for Lord Mrityunjaya. Sri Sukta hovanam also perform for Parvati Devi. Purusha Sukta & Navagraha Homam will also perform in the part of Mrityunjaya havan.

Mrutyunjayaaya Rudraaya
Neelakantaaya Shambhave!
Amriteshaaya Sarvaaya
Mahadevaaya Te Namaha!!

 – Mrutyunjaya Prarthana

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