Purpose & Advantage:

  • Punyaha vachana helps to enhance our life and bring prosperity.
  • To make the surroundings suddi & to remove evil spirits on surroundings.
  • To make sole, body everything pure before making anyvaidika karma.
  • To appease the positive energies and natural elements at home
  • For devine grace & blessings of varuna deva.
  • To kill all the negative energies and evil spirits at Construction area.

What we Do:

We provide a facility of Book the Priest / Pandits to conduct the Punyahavachanam at your place / construction area at right time (We will fix the date & time according to your nakshatra on an auspicious day).

We will guide the rules of pooja and make to complete your pooja with full of Shaucha (Full of purity and conscientiously).


We perform Punyahavachanam at your plac. It will starts with Swansti mantra and Ganesh pooja. Punyahavachanam is the Pooja of the lord of water (Varuna Deva ). Our priests chant mantras laying a hand on Kalasha (an earthen or metal pot filled with water) so as to purify it, which then becomes the holy water. This holy water is first sprinkled to purify the surroundings and then few drops (handful) of it are swallowed to purify of body.


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