Rudra Parayanam

Purpose & Advantage:

  • To diminish negative effect of aggrieved moon.
  • To bring harmony and wealth.
  • To defend devotees from bad forces & probable dangers.
  • To have a strong mind and good strength.
  • To remove all evils.
  • To attain all desires.

What we Do:

We provide a facility of Book the Priest / Pandits to conduct the Sri Rudra Parayanam at your place (Home, office, temple, etc.,).


We perform Sri Rudra Parayanam of Lord Shiva  in the temple or within your home. Parayanam will starts with Swansti mantra & Ganesh pooja. Then Navagraha Mandapa aaradhana and Sri Gowri sameta Rudra aavahana is done in a Kalasam. We do Rudra Parayanam with Rudrabhisheka Vidhan Shiva Pooja. Then after Lord will decorated with Flowers & garlands. Archana will done along with 108 names of Lord Shiva with  flowers etc., Many more slokas & stotras will recite for blessings of Lord Rudra. Finally Prasadam(Fruits & Bhasmam) will be  given by the Priests to devotees.

Vande Deva Umaa Pathim Suragurum
Vande Jagat Kaaranam!
Vande Pannaga Bhooshanam Mruga Dharam
Vande Pashoonam Pathim!!
Vande Soorya Shashanka Vahni Nayanam
Vande Mukunda Priyam!
Vande Bhakta Jana Ashrayam Cha Varadam
Vande Shiva Shankaram!!

 – Parama Shiva Stotram

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