Subrahmanya Shasti

Purpose & Advantage:

  • To resolve any problem related to Mars, especially Mangala dosha or Kuja dosha.
  • For benefiting people who are having difficulty conceiving.
  • To overcome problems during pregnancy.
  • To blesses with good health and prosperity.
  • To overcome fears of all forms and remove negative vibrations.

What we do:

We provide a facility of Book the Priest / Pandit for Subrahmanya Shashti​ Puja at your place (Home, office, temple, etc.,). 

Our Pandit will guide the rules of Pooja and make to complete your Pooja with full of shaucha(Full of purity and conscientiously)


Subrahmanya Shashti also known as Skanda Sashti​ is celebrated honoring the birth of second son of Shiva named Subramanya / Skanda. It falls on the 6th day of the Hindu month of Marghashirsha.

Lord Subramanya, also known as Skanda, Kumara, Skanda, Shanmukha and Murugan is worshipped during this festival. People worship the Snake Mound with great devotion.  Thousands of devoties held pooja / prayers for Snake structure during this festival. If one performs Skanda Sashti​ prayers, then they will be relieved from Satru palayana, Kala Sarpa Doshas (difficulties from Snakes) and skin diseases. The devotee will also be blessed with children.

Our experienced pandits will perform Subramanya AbhishekamSubramanya Havan on an auspicious day of Skanda Sashti. We also provide Puja Samagri for  these pujas.


Gangeyam Vahnigarbham Sharamanajanitham Gnana Shakthim Kumaram !
Brahmanyam Skandadevam Guhamamalagunam Rudra Teja Swaroopam!!
Senanyantharakagnam Gurumachalamathim Kartheekeyam Shadasyam!
Subrahmanyam Mayuradwaja Radasahitham Devadevam Namami!!
- Subrahmanya Stotram

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